Rotaractors from all over the world are working on different committees to ensure that the movement fulfills its goal to promote actions for peace in order to develop the area of Peace, Conflict Resolution and Prevention within Rotary.

Assists with email responses and messages from Rotaractors to our organization. Works with the marketing committee to promote events and seek out Rotaractors looking to help with the mission of Rotaract for Peace

Assists with the management of the Rotaract for Peace website and all social media pages. Helps to maintain the outward image of Rotaract for Peace. Attends committee meetings to receive updates from the Leadership Committee.

Handle logistics of events and activities organized by Rotaract for Peace. Assist with planning the programming for events. Works with the Leadership committee to execute events promoting the message of the organization.


Handles Conference registration while keeping track of attendee demographics. Seeks Conference sponsors to promote the message of Rotaract for Peace. 



Executive Committee:

  • Chair - Abraham Cifuentes.
  • Co-Chair - Adriana Eraso.
  • Directors - Alejandro Martínez/Alejandra Rodríguez.


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