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Peace is the foundation of our mission. We believe when people take action to promote peace in their communities, those actions can cause a lasting change in the world. As Rotaractors, we are committed to create environments of peace.

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We Create Environments of Peace

Rotaract for Peace is a movement of Rotaractors advocating for Peace in partnership with Rotary Action Group for Peace.

This is a space created by Rotaractors for Rotaractors to exchange ideas, get inspired, and share projects that promote peace making a difference in vulnerable communities around the world.

We also created Rotaract World Peace Conference, an event led by young leaders to learn about various projects focused on peace, and to provide effective tools for creating peace projects in your own club.

*This initiative is not operated directly by Rotary International.


World Peace Conference

We created a conference led, designed, and conducted by Rotaractors from various districts, with the aim of encouraging young professionals in Rotary to take action and join forces in order to promote Peace.

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